£16.95 inc p&p (UK) size 17"x 7"
Design by Jo Hunt


Choose from one of The Marmalade Cat's Personalised Name Frames for your Nursery or Bedroom. With different styles and backgrounds to choose from, our Name Frames make an ideal gift to commemorate births, christenings or that special occasion. (Maximum number of letters in name - eleven.) Each Name Frame is laminated not glazed, framed in honey coloured hardwood and ready to hang. Mix and match the backgrounds and corner decorations to suit your room colours and styles. Background colours : pink, honey, blue, wood, pink gingham, and blue gingham. Corner decorations: blue hearts, pink hearts, stars or buttons. You can add a dedication eg. Born at 10.00pm on Monday June 4th 2007 weighing 8lbs 2ozs to make it really special. You can order online using PayPal or your debit/credit card and the shopping cart at the bottom of this page.  
Style NF1 Playtime (for boy or girl)
Style NF2 folk Art. (For boy or girl)
Style NF3 Farmyard. (For boy or girl)
Style NF4 Just Bears. (For boy or girl)
Style NF5 Enchanted (For Boy or Girl)
Style NF6 Button bears (for boy or girl) (brown, pink or blue buttons only on this style.)
Style NF7 Just Friends. A mixture of cats and dogs. (For boy or girl)
Style NF8 Once upon a time - BOY, (available with light cream or blue parchment background), blue button or heart corners.
Style NF8 Once upon a time, GIRL, (available with light cream or pink parchment background), pink button or heart corners.
Style NF9 Zoo-time (For boy or girl)
Style NF10 Seaside, (We can do a plain blue, pink or honey background if you wish.)
NEW Style NF11 My Animal Friends, suitable for boys or girls
NEW NF12 Fairies, available with pink background / buttons or hearts corners.
NEW NF13 Ballet class, available with pink background / buttons or hearts corners.
NEW NF14 Especially for you. Available with pink,cream or blue parchment background / blue or pink hearts or buttons in corners. Maximum 10 letters for main name.
To order online using PayPal or your credit/debit card, 1. Type your choice of style, name (maximum 11 letters), background colour and corner decorations (if you would like them), into the first box below, eg. NF1 William, Blue, Blue hearts. 2. Type your dedication eg. Born 7:25pm Wednesday January 16th 2008 7lbs 6ozs, into the second box below. We will write this as Born at 7:25pm on Wednesday January 16th 2008 weighing 7lbs 6ozs. If you like to add further instructions you can use the message box on the checkout page.
U.K. £16.95
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