PERSONALISED PENDULUM CLOCKS FROM THE MARMALADE CAT £21.95 inc p&p (u.k.) approx 40cms tall

Design by Jo Hunt


Choose from one of our personalised pendulum clocks to add an extra decorative touch to a nursery, bedroom or playroom. Not only are they decorative, they also help teach children to tell the time. Each clock is made from Birch Plywood, has a quartz movement with a one year guarantee and takes an AA battery. You can order online using PayPal or your credit/debit card and the shopping cart at the bottom of the page.
C1 Angel C2 Baggy C3 Star Angel
C4 Alphabet Bear (Boy) C5 Ballet Dancer C6 Blue Elephant C6 Pink Elephant
C7 Girl C8 Ark C9 Alphabet Bear (Girl)
C10 Blue Footballer C11 Pink Bear C12 Red Footballer
C13 Blue Hammock C14 Toybox (Blue heart for boy) C15 Pink Hammock
C16 Cat C17 Pirate C18 Blue Bear
C19 Red Tractor C20 Train C21 Owl and Pussy Cat
C22 Hot Air Balloon (Boy) C23 Bath C24 Hot Air Balloon (Girl)
C25 Goodnight Mr Moon (Boy) C26 Mermaid C27 Goodnight Mr Moon (Girl)
  C28 Pirate Ship  

To order online using PayPal or your debit/credit card.

Type your choice of Style in the first box below e.g. C28 Pirate Ship and then type the Name you would like adding into the second box e.g. Charlotte.

  U.K. £21.95  
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